Hybrid Bike Shoes

Hybrid Bike Shoes

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The characteristics of hybrid bike shoe

Hybrid bike shoes are stable enough to allow you to cycle around the city as well as to walk comfortably, if you have to stop doing errands or walk a bit.

Hybrid bike shoes have a softer sole than competition shoes making walking easier. This type of shoe often attaches with the help of laces. This allows the shoe to be tightened to different degrees for different areas of the foot. This feature allows to have a shoe that adapts to the shape of your foot, thus promoting a better comfort.

Looking for a more efficient hybrid bike shoe?

For more powerful hybrid bike shoes we also find more rigid models like the Civilia or the Republic of Giro. Most models are compatible with SPD shims. Hybrid bike shoes have the advantage of further integrating the wedge into the sole, making walking even easier and more comfortable. There are also hybrid bike shoes, such as the Shimano WM34 shoe, which have a cleated sole and a more tacky rubber, providing good traction for mountain walking, while being stiff enough to road bike or spinning!

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