Bar Tape

Bar Tape

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Ruban a Guidon 3.2mm V2

Ruban a Guidon Lizard Skins 3.2mm V2
DSP Bar Tape V2 features a new pattern, an upgraded polymer and a screw-in bar plug. The new pattern is more technical with a new design and multiple layers of depth. The polymer has new formula enhanced for more durability...


KnurlTack Bar Tape

Cannondale KnurlTack Bar Tape
More comfort, more control.-Lightweight EVA foam with a QuellGel silicone gel-layer provides an effective barrier against road buzz for extra comfort.-Thin polyurethane upper and knurled pattern provide grip in all weathers.-Includes 2x tape rolls, lever strips, bar end-plugs, and finishing...

Lightweight handlebar tape, easy to put on and easy to remove. Plugs and end tape included.

Ruban a Guidon Fizik Vento Solocush
VENTO: tape designed for racing, delivering reduced weight and ultimate control.Contents: 2 rolls of tape - 2 extra tape strips - 2 bar plugs - 2 finishing tapes -

Fizik Tempo Microtex Boncush Soft Bar Tape
SOFT TOUCH: matt-look, silky moisture absorbing surface.Contents: 2 rolls of tape - 2 extra tape strips - 2 bar plugs - 2 finishing tapes -

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