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Xact Energie
FRUIT2 MAPLE gives you everything you love about FRUIT2, with less refined sugar, antioxidants and potassium… and that taste! Use during effort to replenish energy. For activities > 1 hour, take 1 bar/30-60 minutes.
from $2.35

Shot Bloks Clif
To provide another energy food option for athletes, CLIF has created the energy chews SHOT BLOKS. Handy, easy to chew and with a nutritional value similar to SHOT CLIF Energizing Gel, BLOKS offer an alternative to performance nutrition.• 33 calories...


Gel Shot

Gel Clif Shot
CLIF SHOT Energizing Gel provides 22-24g of carbohydrates for continuous energy during your workouts and competitions.


Jujubes Fruit Drops

Jujubes Skratch Fruit Drops
Made with simple ingredients and 100% flavored with real fruit, these energy bites will help you maintain a good level of blood sugar throughout your physical activity.

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All about our nutrition items

Good nutrition is essential before, during and after a bike ride. That's why we think it's important to have energy products in store. Here are some tips to help you stay at the top of your game when you go out.

Before training

One hour to two hours before training, it is advisable to consume about 2-3 foods high in carbohydrates and ½ high protein food. The cliff bars fulfill these conditions. Check out our blog for more information on eating before a workout!

During the bike ride

During the ride, cyclists prefer to take jujubes and gels, sources very rich in carbohydrates, since they are very easy to eat and / or drink. Our most popular energy-efficient products are Honey Stinger Jujubes and Waffles, Fruit Bars 2 and Brix Gels!

After the bike ride

After the release, to allow our muscles to recover and rebuild even stronger than before, we must consume enough protein. Every time we exercise hard and our muscles work hard, the muscle fibers break and the muscle repairs more than it used to be. Bars and Naak powder contain a lot of protein, which helps promote muscle repair. In addition, to recover quickly, it is recommended to consume carbohydrates within 30 minutes of exercise.

How to hydrate well

Before, during and after exercise, it is important to hydrate in order to replace water lost through perspiration. Here is a guide to find out if you have been drinking enough water: your urine must be lemonade color! In order to avoid cramps, it is advisable to take electrolytes. The brands we have that make electrolyte mixtures to dissolve in water are: Spark, Advanced Fuel, Skratch and Nuun. The first three brands make powder mixes. If you prefer a mixture of electrolytes in the form of pellets and easy to carry, go for the Nuuns! On very hot days, we sweat a lot. Since in sweating we expel a lot of sodium, it is important to replace it with electrolyte-rich drinks. Brands like Skratch Labs make electrolytic mixtures specially designed for very hot days. Our hydration blends are not too sweet, to prevent you from getting sick! We have mixtures that contain vitamins, carbohydrates and / or caffeine. Check out our blog for more information on hydration!

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