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Mountain Bike Shoes

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The characteristics of mountain bike shoes

Mountain bike shoes have spiked soles and a more sticky rubber to help you bite into the dirt when you have to ride your bike in the very steep parts of the mountain. Mountain bike shoes are for the most part compatible with SPD wedges, so they can be used with standard pedals or clip pedals.

Mountain bike shoes have a wedge anchorage system that is well concealed in the soles, making it easy to walk whether you have shims installed or not.

The advantage of SPD holds is that they allow you to stay in contact with your pedal for more power and efficiency when riding. That's why cross-country and trail, all-mountain, enduro and downhill cyclists will often choose SPD pedals.

If you prefer a flat shoe, we also have models such as Giro's Riddance, which are compatible with platform pedals with crampons, for cyclists who prefer greater freedom.

For the best of both worlds, choose SPD-compatible shoes with Magped brand pedals, featuring a super-powerful magnet that offers the benefits of a clip-on pedal while making it easy to take off!

The price of bike shoes vary depending on the stiffness of the sole and the adjustment system. The more rigid a shoe is, the more energy transfer from the foot to the pedal will be effective. At Velos Cadence, we stock shoes with composite, nylon or carbon soleplate.

Tethering systems for mountain bikes shoes

The entry-level fastening system is Velcro. There are usually 2-3 velcro straps per shoe, providing a quick fit to the shape of the foot. There are also Velcro and ratchet attachment systems at the ankle for a better fit to the ankle in addition to preventing the heel to lift off the shoe.

The laces are increasingly popular since they allow to adjust at different levels the width of the shoe to the foot.

Conversely, we find among others Crossmax Pro shoes from Mavic with Boa technology. Revolutionary because of its ability to evenly distribute pressure all over the foot and its very precise fit, Boa technology eliminates pressure points, making long-lasting exits much more comfortable.

Some of our shoes, such as the Giro Cylinder Mountain Shoe, have a Boa fastening system and velcro straps on the toe of the foot to adjust the shoe to the width of the toes.

In order to find the right shoe for you, it is important to come and try them in store. Each brand designs shoes with a shape of their own and that may or may not be suitable for your foot. How to know if a road bike shoe is the right size? Your toes must be free to move, but your heel must not lift!

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