Bike Winter Boots

Bike Winter Boots

3 different models currently in stock

The characteristics of Fat bike boots

The winter boots designed for the fat bike have a very breathable body to let heat out of your feet in addition to having a sole with crampons for traction. The Fat Bike boots are also SPD compatible, giving you the ability to clip them to the pedals of your bike. With SPD wedges well concealed in the sole of the boot, you can also walk easily.

Types of fasteners winter bike boots

Winter bike boots have several types of fasteners. Lake's MXZ303 boot features a Boa attachment system that exerts equal pressure on the entire foot to eliminate pressure points and a ratchet system to provide good support at the ankle . The Wolvhammer boot of 45N has a Velcro fastener and a lace with a mechanical knot.

Our different brands and models of Fat Bike boots

At Velos Cadence, we have Fatbike shoes for all temperatures and all types of cyclists! For a very warm winter bike boot, go for the 45N Wolfgar. If you're looking for a sportier model, go for the 45N Japanther, which is less hot, but more aerodynamic.

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