Cycling Socks

Cycling Socks

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Bas Elite Femme

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Bas RSR Tab

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Bas Body Control

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Bas Craft Body Control
Compression socks reduce muscle vibration. Featuring ventilation channels to keep you cool. Stays well in place thanks to its shape.
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Cycling socks characteristics

The bike socks are made of synthetic fabric to let the foot breathe as much as possible. We hold stockings of different heights and stockings with different levels of compression. Most of the time, mountain bikers opt for longer socks to protect the leg from scratches and ticks. By road bike, we are looking for a down made of aerodynamic and breathable fabric.

The advantages of cycling compression stockings

The advantage of compression stockings is their ability to prevent the foot from swelling during the bike ride. This allows the foot to keep the same "fit" in the shoe from start to finish, ensuring comfort throughout the ride.

In addition, by compressing the muscles and veins of the legs, compression stockings promote venous return. Indeed, compression stockings accelerate the process of reoxygenation of the blood, which prevents this burning sensation in the muscles.

Thus, compression stockings reduce muscle fatigue and promote a more effective and consistent pedaling dynamics throughout your trip. These effects are more felt during long term outings, requiring a lot of endurance. Maximize your performance while racing, and accelerate muscle recovery once the race is over with Compressport compression stockings.

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