Cycling Sunglasses

Cycling Sunglasses

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Bobcat Sunglasses

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Smith Bobcat Sunglasses
Enduro trail riding to gravel adventure or backcountry powder mission, the Smith Bobcat sunglasses are for riders and skiers who want the full coverage of the Wildcat with a smaller fit and a lightweight feel. This hybrid design pairs goggle-like...
from $249.99

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Lunettes Reverb

$229.99 from $169.99
Lunettes Smith Reverb
$229.99 from $169.99

Lunette Oakley Sutro Lite Sweep
Sutro Lite Sweep blends the sweep lens shape first made popular by Eyeshade with the Oakley’s popular Sutro frame design. A functional sport design with optimized coverage, extended field-of-view, retention and impact protection makes Sutro Lite Sweep the perfect choice...

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Cycling sunglasses characteristics

All our glasses have lenses that protect against UVA, UVB and UVC rays. Our two most popular brands are Smith and Oakley. The Smith brand sports glasses feature the new MAG technology that makes it easy to change the lens at the touch of a button.

To maximize your field of vision, opt for glasses that have rimless lenses such as the Oakley Evzero Path Goggles.

For even more versatile glasses, opt for photochromic lenses. Available at Oakley and Smith, the photochromic lenses change polarity according to the intensity of the sun to always offer you the best visibility.

We have models offering different levels of facial coverage. We have more discreet models, others more massive which protect more the face and others adapted to the thiner faces. If you're looking for a sunglass that offers more coverage and more protection, opt for the Smith Attack MT bezel with plastic parts above and under the lens to give more resistance to the telescope. This model is ideal for mountain bike enthusiasts. If you're looking for a more discreet model, you'll love Smith's Parallel.

Cycling glasses with strength

If you're looking for bike goggles with strength, do not worry, Smith and Oakley both offer the option. For Smith glasses, you can order your lenses directly from the company. For Oakley glasses, you will need to see an optometrist.

What to look for when trying on glasses?

It is important to try the glasses with your helmet to know if you will be fine on your bike rides. If your helmet goes down low at the forehead, it is smaller or lower glasses that you need. Another tip to choosing a good pair of glasses is to smile with the glasses to see if they are up: if they stay in place, they are perfect for you.

Smith cycling glasses

Smith glasses come with two lenses: a dark polarized lens for sunny days and a pink lens for darker days. Most Smith glasses also have Smith's ChromaPop technology. ChomaPop technology makes images clearer and amplifies the natural color of landscapes, allowing you to see all the details better. Our eyes have difficulty distinguishing colors when the wavelengths of the blue and green colors and the red and green wavelengths intersect. ChomaPop filters these crossings for a clearer definition and brighter colors.

Oakley Bike Goggles

Oakley sunglasses are particularly robust and hard to break, making them an excellent eye protection. Oakley sunglasses also feature lens-level technology that enhances image quality: Prizm technology. Prizm technology increases the contrast and amplifies the colors, allowing better perception of the details.

The goggles characteristics

For maximum protection against mud, branches and flies, check out our Smith masks! This type of telescope is ideal for the descent. If you're looking for a more airy goggle, opt for Smith's Squad MTB, which has air channels behind the foam layer to absorb sweat. This telescope prevents fogging in your telescope and absorbs perspiration, allowing for better vision.

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