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The characteristics of cross-country ski socks

Our ski socks are made of merino wool or synthetic fabric, which allows more breathability. For warmer and more comfortable socks, we have more cushioned ski socks. If you tend to get hot on your outings, we have stockings that are thicker only under the sole of the foot. This bottom is well ventilated, while providing additional comfort at the metatarsophalangeal joints 1 to 5 and under the embankment! In addition, thanks to their thin thickness, these stockings are perfect for skate skiers who wear very tight boots.

The properties of merino wool

Merino is a sheep that was born in Spain. Thanks to its wool, this animal survives very cold and very hot temperatures. This explains why merino wool is suitable for both winter and summer sports. This type of fiber is naturally very breathable. It has thermoregulatory and antibacterial properties which gives this textile the ability to eliminate odors. In addition merino wool is very light and it does not sting!

How to choose the right length of stockings

When choosing your bottom, it is important to consider the height of your ski boot. Your stocking should always be higher than your boot. This prevents the boot from rubbing directly on your skin. If the bottom reaches the same height as your boot, it will cause pressure and could be unpleasant. With a boot of no skate, it is therefore advisable to take a longer bottom than with a bottom of classic cross-country skiing.

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