Cross-Country Skate Ski Boots

Cross-Country Skate Ski Boots

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The characteristics of skate boots

The "no skate" ski boot is made tighter and rises higher at the ankle than the classic cross-country ski boot. Since in this sport of gliding, one propels oneself while carrying out lateral thrusts, it is essential that the ankle does not move. It is for this reason that the skate ski boot has a collar at the ankle. The more this articulation (talo crural) is stable, the more the thrust will be effective.

The materials of skate boots collars

For a performance-oriented skate boot, you need a very stiff heel and cuff. The materials and components of the necklaces vary according to the marks. Salomon's higher-end boots, such as the Race Skate Prolink, feature a very stiff plastic collar with a carbon rod that is specifically positioned to resist twisting and offers a lot of stability. If you're looking for an even lighter racing boot, Rossignol make the X-IUM Skate boot that is fitted with a full carbon fiber collar. This type of collar maximizes energy transfer for unrivaled propulsion efficiency.

Distinctions between entry-level and high-performance skate boots

The entry-level skate boots are less tight at the foot and the heel and collar are made of less rigid plastic. They are also warmer. The performance level boots are very fitted and have a sole, a collar and a very rigid heel. In this way, these boots maximize ski control. In order to let the foot breathe, in the high end, we find quite thin liners.

Types of fasteners offered

Two types of fasteners exist: laces and quick lace. The advantage of laces is their ability to be tighter in some places and more lush to others. For their part, the quick lace also squeezes the foot everywhere, in order to spread the pressure evenly all over the foot, thus eliminating the pressure points. Skate boots have a velcro fastening at the ankle to provide better support and promote energy transfer.

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