Women cycling jackets

Women cycling jackets

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Cycling jacket's characteristics

There are two types of bike jackets. Windproof and waterproof bike jackets. Both are made from synthetic fabrics, mainly nylon, for their breathability, resistance to water and wind.

Windbreaks keep you warm on a windy day. By preventing the wind from hitting your skin directly, you can keep your body heat longer. Very aerodynamic and breathable, this jacket is lightweight and compact. It fits easily in your saddle bag or even in your jersey pockets. The windbreaks are unfortunately not waterproof.

The raincoats themselves are watertight in addition to cutting the wind. They are made of waterproof fabrics and their seams are sealed to prevent entry of water. At Velos Cadence, we offer waterproof cycling jackets with different levels of breathability. Although they are all waterproof, some of our waterproof jackets breathe less, while others are equipped with technologies such as Gore-Tex technology, which allows a higher level of breathability.

Gore-Tex technology is a fabric whose pores are big enough to let out the water vapor molecules generated when you sweat, but too small to let raindrops pass. Gore-Tex technology is the best known, but most of the companies we offer in store have developed similar technology under a different name. Pearl Izumi with its WxB breathability system is one example.

To provide more ventilation, some jackets like Sugoi's Zap have zippers on the back that can be opened to create a ventilation channel and let out more heat. These zippers are protected by flaps that limit the entry of water. Another advantage of this type of zipper is that they allow you to easily reach the pockets of your jersey. Finally, another feature of our bike raincoats is that they are longer at the back to protect the buttocks from rain and cold.

When to choose his windbreaker over his raincoat?

Before putting on your rain jacket, ask yourself if you prefer to be wet by rain or perspiration. On smaller outings and hot days with a chance of rain, we advise you to wear your windbreaker. The windbreaker breathes more than the raincoat and you probably will not have time to get cold. In addition, if it's hot, you'll dry quickly.

Conversely, during long rides in the rain and colder days, the risk of getting cold is much higher. To avoid getting cold because of the rain, we advise you to wear your raincoat. Even though the raincoat is less breathable, the jacket's breathability is less necessary in such temperatures

How to choose the right size of cycling jacket?

We advise you to take your jacket well adjusted to prevent it from taking in the wind and to be more aerodynamic. When you're trying on your jacket, get in the bike position and test your freedom of movement: the bike coats are cut to be as comfortable as possible when you're on your bike.

Brands and models of cycling jackets

Here are some brands of popular jackets that we have in inventory at Velos Cadence: Sugoi, Endura, RH + and Mavic. For cooler mornings, opt for a sleeveless jacket such as the Endura Gridlock that will keep you comfortable with its waterproof fabric front and mesh back for breathability. One of our most popular windbreakers is Sugoi Hydrolite, which features stretchy underarm fabric and a waterproof fabric strap, and is very stretchy on the back. This webbing fabric prevents splashing water and mud from your back wheel from crossing your jacket. Stretch fabric provides greater freedom of movement for added comfort and a better fit.

How to take care of my rain jacket?

All our rain jackets can go into the washing machine without any problem. If you want the water to bead on your rain jacket we suggest you apply Grangers performance proofer.

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