Cross-Country Ski Boots - Classic

Cross-Country Ski Boots - Classic

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The characteristics of classic entry-level cross-country ski boots

The classic entry-level cross-country ski boots are designed to meet the needs of those who prefer touring: comfort, warmth and fun! Their sole and heel are less rigid, and they are more padded.

The characteristics of classic cross-country performance boots

The more one goes to a high-performance cross-country ski boot, the more the heel will be made of rigid materials. A stiffer heel will allow better control since being fixed at the toes, in cross-country skiing, it is mainly with the heel that we control our ski. Our most powerful boot features a carbon heel and carbon fiber stems at the sole. The high-end boots are narrower to ensure a better fit at the foot and allow better energy transmission.

Types of fasteners offered

Two types of fasteners exist: laces and quick lace. The advantage of laces is their ability to be tighter in some places and more lush to others. For their part, the quick lace also squeezes the foot everywhere, in order to spread the pressure evenly all over the foot, thus eliminating the pressure points.

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