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Urban Bike Helmets

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Quick Helmet

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Register Helmet

Giro Register Helmet
Giro's Register helmet is perfect for outings in the city! With its removable visor protecting you from the sun, its lightweight In-Mold construction and its precise adjustment system, this helmet ensures comfort and safety.• In-Mold Polycarbonate technology to prevent the...

Bell Drifter Mips Helmet
The Bell Drifter Mips is a comfortable and compact hybrid/city bike helmet. With its Mips system, it offers additional protection against oblique impacts.• MIPS System: revolutionary technology that protects the brain in case of oblique impact by reducing rotational forces...


Isode Helmet

Giro Isode Helmet
Giro's Isode hybrid helmet has a classic cut, but it is equipped with several technologies found in high performance helmets:• In-Mold Polycarbonate technology to prevent the shell from separating and for efficient shock absorbance• Roc Loc Sport dial adjustment system•...

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Junction MIPS Helmet

$114.99 $86.24

The characteristics of city and urban bike helmets

The shape of hybrid bike helmets resembles that of road helmets, but they are equipped with a paddle, as are mountain bike helmets. However, with the city bike helmet, the function of the visor is not to protect you from the branches, but to protect you from the sun. If you're motivated and want to perform with your friend's road bike, or if you're riding a more powerful hybrid bike that gives you a more aggressive stance, the visor of urban road helmets is often removable. In this way, even if you are more inclined towards the front of your bike, your field of vision will not be reduced. In general, hybrid bike helmets are less expensive because they are not as airy and lightweight as road helmets. However, they are all safe!

BMX style bike helmets

For even more style, opt for a BMX helmet like the Giro Dime or Fox's Flight Sport, perfectly adapted to the hybrid bike. Just like mountain helmets, the hull goes down lower for more protection behind the head. Also, the BMX helmet is almost completely covered except for a few ventilation channels much less than other types of helmet, which limits the ventilation and expulsion of heat. Many people prefer the look of this helmet and find it ideal for short trips.

How to find the perfect bike helmet?

To find out if you have the right helmet size, take it, and put it on your head. If the helmet has one, use the adjustment system to adjust the helmet to the circumference of your head. Then lean down so your head is upside down, being careful to put your hands under your helmet in case it falls. If it stays in place, it's the right size for you!

The next step is to determine if this is the right model for you. Each company designs their helmets with a model of their own. Thus, the different brands will not have the same form of helmet and some will do better than others, depending on your head shape.

An example is the narrower IXS mountain helmet, which is perfect for smaller heads and does not create a mushroom effect.

To find out if a helmet goes down low enough at the forehead, make sure you have a space of one finger between the eyebrows and the helmet. Remember to try your helmet with your glasses to make sure your glasses are compatible with the helmet.

Once you have found your helmet, adjust the straps: the crossover of the back and front straps must be just below the earlobe. For the straps at the neck, we want there to be 1 finger that pass between the neck and the belt. It is important to adjust the straps of your helmet properly because they are the ones that keep it on your head when you are ejected from your bike in the event of an accident.

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