Cross-Country Ski - Wax and Tools

Cross-Country Ski - Wax and Tools

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Swix Pencil Groove Scraper
Precision wax scraper.

Swix F4 Universal Glide Wax 100ml
Liquid glide wax for all temperatures. Equipped with a foam applicator and a felt polisher. Pocket size.• 100 mL

Swix 5mm Plexi Scraper
• Plexi scraper (acrylic)• Width: 5 mm

Paste wax on tube for all temperatures. Equipped with a foam applicator.• 75 mL

Swix Rectangularr Blue Nylon Brush
The Swix blue nylon brush will allow you to polish any glide wax in 5 to 10 strokes.

Swix Groove All Purpose Scraper
Use SWIX GROOVE ALL PURPOSE SCRAPER to apply Klister on skis. Can also remove klister or wax from the base.

Swix Medium Coarse Bronze Brush
Use this 0.15 mm bronze brush after scraping. Strokes: 10

Swix Nylon White Brush
All purpose nylon brush.

Swix Base Cleaner With Fibertex Scrub Applicator 150ml
Base cleaner equipped with fibertex scrub applicator.• 150ml

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