Axiom Streamliner Disc DLX Rear Rack

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- Feet mount to a standard quick-release skewer* (not included) or to traditional eyelets.
- Center bracket can be attached to a brake caliper or fender bridge.

- Compatibility : 26in, 27.5in and 700c wheels
- Load capacity : 50 kg / 110 lbs
- Exceptional torsional stiffness.
- Not just for disc-brake-equipped bikes.
- Suitable for use with all frame materials, including carbon fibre.
- Attaches to a standard quick-release skewer or to traditional dropout eyelets.
- Streamlined profile improves aerodynamics and greatly improves handling by keeping your load closer to center.
- Modular sweepback feet maximize heel clearance and accommodate disc brakes without adding needless extra width that otherwise affects handling.
- 280mm Versalock® arms are long enough to fit even the smallest of bikes.
- Versalock® arms can be DIY bent up to 30 degrees without reducing strength.
- Versalock® brackets can be mounted under or over the rack platform to help overcome mounting challenges found on some bikes.
- Stainless steel center bracket can be DIY bent to accommodate a wide variety of frame designs.
- Double welded for extra strength and long-term durability.
- Rear bolts on feet can be used as fender mounts.
- Reflector/light mount, Frame bolts included

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Axiom Streamliner Disc DLX Rear Rack - AXIOM
Axiom Streamliner Disc DLX Rear Rack
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