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Gants Racer E-Glove Chauffant

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The E-GLOVE 3 is our third generation of heated cycling glove. This new version is now waterproof via a Polymax® waterproof membrane. The heating wire has been redesigned to pass under the fingers for better heating. The cuff has been lengthened and widened and its zip reinforced. The iR-WARM® heating circuit, controlled by a microprocessor, allows to thermoregulate the temperature inside the glove and to gain autonomy. Numerous tests have been carried out with the Armed Forces Biomedical Research Institute in order to test and validate the integration of the system. The E-GLOVE 3 integrates a battery indicator to help you better manage the use of the 3 heating levels of the 2 Li-on Polymer batteries of 7.4v, whose power reaches 2200Ma. In addition to its heating system, the E-GLOVE 3 combines softshell and clarino to offer exceptional comfort. It has reflective logos, silicone strips and all fingers are tactile. It is a unique glove.

For extreme cold, we recommend that you combine this product with a ceramic or silk underglove.
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